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Exhibitors & Products

Techtextil North America assembles a lineup of exhibiting companies, with products and services suited for all of the major industries that touch technical textiles to provide the latest in innovation and product development.

Application Areas

Techtextil North America covers all industry segments from A to Z with dedicated application areas. Committed to presenting industry products for every possible use, the 12 application areas are designed to help our attendees locate the types of products and services they need from exhibitors. Explore the extensive market reach of the technical textiles industry. (The industries and products specified are only examples and do not represent an exhaustive list.)

agrotech 500x500.jpg


Horticulture and landscape gardening, agriculture and forestry, animal husbandry, fences, etc.

Trade visitors:
 agricultural engineers, landscape architects, horticultural engineers, agricultural institutes and large organizations, etc.

buildtech 500x500.jpg


Membrane, light-weight/solid construction,  engineering and industrial building, temporary construction, interior construction, earth, water and traffic route construction, agricultural construction, etc.

Trade visitors: architects, civil engineers, planning authorities, property developers, building-material manufacturers, building companies, etc.

clothtech 500x500.jpg


Technical components of garments, shoes, bags, etc.

Trade visitors:
 shoe and garment manufacturers, designers, developers, etc.

geotech 500x500-01.jpg


Underground, civil engineering, earth and road construction, dam engineering, dump construction, ground isolation, drainage systems, erosion control and containment, etc.

Trade visitors: road and underground engineers, road and underground building companies, planning authorities, municipalities, etc.

hometech 500x500.jpg


Technical components of furniture, upholstery and interior furnishing, rugs, floor coverings, etc.

Trade visitors:
 furniture makers, designers, interior designers, architects and planners from the contract sector, etc.

indutech 500x500.jpg


Filtration, cleaning, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, electrical industry, seals, sound absorption products, etc.

Trade visitors: processors and users of products with textiles for all industrial applications, industrial designers, developers, etc.

medtech 500x500.jpg


Hygiene, medicine, rescue organization equipment, etc.

Trade visitors:
 producers and processors of medical requisites, medical devices, research institutes, etc.

mobiltech 500x500.jpg


Automobile and shipbuilding, aircraft and space travel, rail vehicles, motorcycle and bicycle construction, etc.

Trade visitors:
 designers, engineers, components suppliers, etc.

oekotech 500x500.jpg


Environmental protection, recycling, waste disposal, etc.

Trade visitors:
 environmental-protection engineers and technicians, environmental-protection  authorities, special companies, etc.

packtech 500x500.jpg


Packaging, protective cover systems, sacks, big bags, storage systems, etc.

Trade visitors:
 packaging industry, developers, buyers from major commercial and industrial companies, etc.

Protech 2


Technical components of uniforms, apparel and equipment used in the protection of persons and property

Trade Visitors: Manufacturers of protective and tactical gear and equipment, product developers for military, police, fire and rescue, security, etc.



Sport and leisure, active wear, outdoor, sports equipment and outfits, sports shoes, etc.

Trade visitors:
 designers and manufacturers of sport articles and equipment, etc.

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