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Product Categories

The product categories at Techtextil North America represent the entire value-added chain in the technical textiles and nonwovens sectors.

01.01   International institutions
01.02   National research institutes
01.03   Universities and polytechnics
01.04   Industrial research centers
01.05   Planning and consulting services
01.06   Research, development, planning, and consulting

02.01  Production processes
02.02  Processing technology
02.03  Machines and equipment
02.04  Control and monitoring methods
02.05  Purification and regeneration technology
02.06  Disposal and recycling technology
02.07  Technical accessories
02.08  Laboratory and measuring equipment
02.09  Quality Assurance
02.10  Machinery for the production of man-made filaments and fibers for filament treatment
02.11  Automatic doffing, piecing and transport systems
02.12  Winding and reeling machinery
02.13  Yarn steaming, setting and moistening machinery
02.14  Texturing, bulking and crimping machinery
02.15  Doubling and twisting machinery for staple fiber yarns
02.16  Doubling and twisting machinery for filament yarns
02.17  Cordage and rope making machinery
02.18  Machinery for web formation, nonwovens, felting and accessories
02.19  Auxiliary machinery and devices
02.20  Transport, handling and packaging equipment
02.21  Equipment for liquid, solid and air recycling
02.22  Software for design, data monitoring, and processing (CAD/CAM/CIM) and integrated production
02.23  Automatic controls and data collection systems, including process controls
02.24  Machines, apparatus, accessories, supplies, services required in the general maintenance of plants and equipment
02.25  Weaving preparatory machinery
02.26  Weaving machinery for special purposes
02.27  Shedding machinery and shedding programming devices
02.28  Preparatory machinery for knitting and hosiery
02.29  Circular knitting machinery
02.30  Flat and warp knitting machinery
02.31  Dry and wet pre-treatment machinery
02.32  Yarn dyeing machines and apparatus
02.33  Printing machinery
02.34  Water extraction machines
02.35  Tentering and drying machines
02.36  Finishing machines
02.37  Mill and process supplies for weaving
02.38  Dyestuffs and chemical products for the textile industry
02.39  Equipment and products to ensure machinery and plant operations
02.40  Other machinery and/or other accessories
02.41  Technology, processes, and accessories
02.42  Surface treatment machinery
02.43  Coating equipment
02.44  Laminating and coating equipment
02.45  Bonding and separating technology
02.46  CMT (Cutting, Making, Trimming)

03.01  Man-made fibers
03.02  Yarns (man-made)
03.03  Monofilaments (man-made)
03.04  All (man-made)
03.05  Flock fibers
03.06  Glass fibers
03.07  Glass yarns
03.08  Glass monofilaments
03.09  Glass roving
03.10  Glass, all
03.11  Metal fibers
03.12  Metal yarns
03.13  Natural fibers
03.14  Natural yarns
03.15  Other fibers
03.16  Other yarns
03.17  Monofilaments
03.18  Fibers and yarns: general
03.19  Recycled fibers
03.20  Recycled yarns
03.21  Conductive fibers
03.22  Conductive yarns
03.23  Fibers and yarns, general

04.01  Fabrics made of man-made fibers
04.02  Fabrics made of glass fibers
04.03  Fabrics made of natural fibers
04.04  Laid webs made of man-made fibers
04.05  Laid webs made of glass fibers
04.06  Laid webs made of natural fibers
04.07  Laid webs made of other fibers
04.08  Braidings made of man-made fibers
04.09  Braidings made of glass fibers
04.10  Braidings made of natural fibers
04.11  Braidings made of other fibers
04.12  Knitted fabrics made of man-made fibers
04.13  Knitted fabrics made of glass fibers
04.14  Knitted fabrics made of natural fibers
04.15  Knitted fabrics made of other fibers
04.16  Tapes, strings, and cords: general
04.17  Belts, ropes, and cordage: general
04.18  Nets
04.19  Textile bonding systems: general
04.20  Membranes
04.21  Multi-layered composites: general
04.22  Smart textiles (textiles used in or with electronic sensors)
04.23  Textiles made of recycled material
04.24  Woven fabrics, laid web, braidings, knitted fabrics, tapes, belts, nets, textile bonding systems

05.01  Nonwovens made of man-made fibers
05.02  Nonwovens made of glass fibers
05.03  Nonwovens made of natural fibers
05.04  Nonwovens made of other fibers
05.05  Nonwovens: general

06.01  Coated textiles
06.02  Laminated textiles
06.03  Tent fabrics
06.04  Packaging materials, sacking
06.05  Tarpaulin fabrics
06.06  Awning material
06.07  End-product manufacturing
06.08  Accessories
06.09  Synthetic leather
06.10  Coated textiles: general

07.01  Reinforcing textiles
07.02  Composite textiles
07.03  Prepregs
07.04  Structural components and moldings
07.05  Fiber-reinforcing plastic for concrete parts, pipes and containers
07.06  Membrane systems
07.07  Films and sheeting
07.08  Textile-reinforced plastics for concrete parts, pipes and containers
07.09  Textile sheet products for laminating with solids such as metal, plastic and glass
07.10  Composites: general

08.01  Finishing processes
08.02  Adhesive, sealing and molding, materials
08.03  Laminating and coating materials
08.04  Raw materials and additives
08.05  Application processing
08.06  Material pretreatment
08.07  Plastics and other hardening masses
08.08  Adhesive mixing and application equipment, robot technologies
08.09  Surface treatment technologies
08.10  Plasma treatment
08.11  Flocking
08.12  Bondtec: general

09.01  New materials
09.02  New finishing
09.03  Membranes
09.04  Wearable Smart Textiles (with electronics and/or sensors)
09.05  Wearable Smart Textiles (without electronics and/or sensors)
09.06  Materials with additional functions
09.07  Textiles for future apparel
09.08  Textiles with medical/cosmetic qualities (wearable skincare, cosmetotextiles)
09.09  Textiles for professional + protective clothing
09.10  Textiles for sport + activewear
09.11  Laminating technologies
09.12  Coating
09.13  Printing
09.14  Finishing
09.15  Functionality
09.16  Nanotechnology
09.17  Microsystems technology
09.18  Wearable electronics
09.19   Optical technologies
09.20  Information/Communication technology
09.21   Testing technology and process
09.22  Apparel concepts
09.23  Processing and Ready-to-Wear
09.24  Prototypes
09.25  Interdisciplinary cooperation
09.26  New strategies for marketing
09.27  Other services
09.28  Functional apparel technologies: general
09.29  Functional apparel textiles: general

10.01   Associations: general

11.01   Publisher

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