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Show Floor Education


The highly acclaimed Symposium gives attendees the opportunity to listen and learn from industry leaders and subject matter experts as they discuss some of the most pivotal advancements in research and technology and shed light on the current global economic state and its effects across industries.

Supply Chain due diligence is the systematic process of assessing, preventing and mitigating risks in your supply chain, especially to workers and the planet. It is essential for transparency, sustainability and risk management. Several state, US and EU governments have or will implement laws with various approaches, affecting every part of the supply chain. We’ll discuss the frameworks and legal requirements and how some companies are approaching this big topic.

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities in achieving both high-performance and eco-friendly DWR - a hot topic as we consider non-PFAS alternatives.

What decision factors and methods can be used to verify and enhance DWR performance? We’ll explore how different parts of the supply chain tackling this issue.

Join industry leaders, innovators and practitioners in sustainability to explore groundbreaking approaches to foster circularity in textiles. Learn about issues including waste collection and sorting of fibers, which are essential steps towards minimizing our environmental impact. Discover strategies for achieving a net-zero carbon footprint, addressing the plastics problem head-on, and navigating the complex landscape of chemical and mechanical recycling methods. Engage in conversations that delve into the challenges and triumphs of implementing sustainable practices, which work toward achieving true circularity.

Recruiting and retaining talent in the textile manufacturing industry can be challenging, but implementing practical solutions can help rebuild your workforce. Join a panel of specialists that are leading the way in unconventional recruitment tactics, educational partnerships and workforce training. Learn about skill development programs, defining career paths within your organization and strategic collaboration with educational institutions. 

The future of healthcare is here - learn about wearable technology and medical textiles. This symposium will delve into the intricacies of yarns woven with integrated medicine, exploring their transformative impact on patient care, compliance, and well-being. Join us for a comprehensive discussion on the legal and testing regulations that surround this groundbreaking frontier. Discover the challenges and opportunities in bringing these innovative technologies to market and the future possibilities where textiles become not only a second skin but a healing touch, revolutionizing healthcare and wearable technology industries alike.

Explore the critical intersection of gender equity and workplace safety as we delve into the Women's PPE and Workwear Equity Gap. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the challenges women face in accessing properly fitted protective gear and workwear. Identify and investigate the gaps in design and manufacturing, discover how digitalization is paving the way for innovative solutions and fostering a more inclusive and secure work environment for all. Examine actionable strategies for a future where every woman's safety and comfort are prioritized, where we can better retain an important sector of our workforce.

Dive into the cutting-edge realm of Textile Military Research for Protection, where innovations converge to redefine defense textiles. Hear from U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Engineers to uncover the latest advancements needed to revolutionize military gear and safeguard our armed forces.

Step into the future of apparel production with the transformative impact of digitalization on the entire production process. Explore the realm of 3D development and learn how digital twins are reshaping the landscape of manufacturing. Delve into the world of on-demand manufacturing and the role that technology plays into optimizing efficiency and decision-making. Navigate the intricacies of implementing these cutting-edge technologies, from concept to creation, revolutionizing the way we design, produce, and consume fashion. Get ready to embrace a new era in apparel production where innovation meets sustainability, and efficiency meets creativity.

Hear from some of the promising minds entering the industry as they present the research they have been working on.

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