Symposium Schedule

Techtextil North America 2022 Symposium

Symposium Schedule

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Attend this exciting session to learn more from industry experts about advanced innovative fiber developments that are expected to have commercial and technical impact across industries. 

Moderated by: Sam Buff, Vice President and General Manager, Manufacturing & Textile Innovation Network


  • Chris Stanev, President & Co-founder of  EVRNU
  • Julie Willoughby, CSO of CIRC
  • Matthew Grande, Lead Fiber & Polymer Scientist of AlgiKnit, Inc.
In the mid-nineties, Smart Textiles heralded the emergence of a new era in textiles with promising opportunities that brought together multiple disciplines including electronics, computing, communications, sensors, materials, and textiles in unique ways. In this symposium, experts from academia and industry will explore real-world applications of smart textiles in physiological monitoring, cooling, and pressure sensing using smart materials and technologies. They will also identify a path forward for realizing the promise and potential of this exciting technology to enhance the quality of life.

Moderated by: Sungmee Park, Principal Research Scientist, School of Materials Science and Engineering, The Georgia Institute of Technology


The significant advantages of lightweight composite and hybrid materials for aerospace, automotive, infrastructure, and biomedical applications come with scientific, technical, and economic challenges that must be addressed for the U.S. to be a global leader in manufacturing. The challenges include dissimilar material joining; costly maintenance, repair, and overhaul; and degradation in extreme environments. The Symposium will provide a platform where scientists and engineers from both industry and academia can interact and discuss the emerging research issues at the new frontier related to composite and hybrid materials interfacing. The topics will include imminent research issues ranging from emerging joining technologies to nondestructive testing, and to modeling and simulation.

Moderated by:


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

This session will offer the latest developments in machinery and technologies in nonwovens. These will span advances in extrusion-based technologies such as meltblown, spunbond, and other web formation and bonding technologies, as well as new developments and product innovations using nonwovens technologies.

Moderated by: Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Associate Dean for Industry Research and Extension, William A. Klopman Distinguished Professor, Executive Director, The Nonwovens Institute



In this session, experts from across the textile industry will discuss how different companies take the principles presented in stage-gate and similar product development processes and adapt them to their own business plan.

Moderated by: Martin King, Professor of Biotextiles & Textile Technology, Wilson College of Textiles, North Carolina State University


Consumers are increasingly considering the sustainability of their purchases, from the materials used to manufacture products to the processes they undergo. In this panel discussion, industry experts from different stages of the value chain will discuss the various challenges faced when implementing sustainable practices – from materials sourcing to energy and water consumption to the elimination of hazardous chemicals and waste reduction – and what they are doing to overcome them.

Moderated by: Ben Mead, Managing Director, USA, The Hohenstein Institute


Thursday, May 19, 2022

Attend this session to learn about the latest textile innovations for Protech applications. From novel knitting manufacturing methods, to manufacturing protective textiles with smart yarns, to materials for adequate and effective protection for soldiers in extremely harsh environments. 

Moderated by: Emiel DenHartog, Professor, Clothing Biophysics, Personal Protection and Textile Testing, Dept. Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science (TECS), Wilson College of Textiles, North Carolina State University

In this session, experts in government regulations and international trade will address the latest in US trade and procurement policy and its ongoing initiatives for the textile industry as a whole, as well as China and the 301 tariffs, the possibility of future sanctions, supply chain transparency, and more. 

Moderated by: Michael P. Viniconis, COO, Arosa Systems


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